Popup Lab – What is that? (English)

Popup Lab BW is a “fitness studio” for the employers and employees of small to mid-sized enterprises on the topic of innovation and digitalisation.
Popup in this context means: Diverse locations in different regions of Baden-Württemberg such as for example co-working-centers, airport terminals, town halls or schools are temporarily converted for the project and used as innovation laboratories for one week.

Past Popup Labs in numbers

During the past 12 months, this pilot project by the ministry of economics of Baden-Württemberg took place in three different regions: Ostwürttemberg, Ortenau and Zollernalb. Within a total of three weeks, 1.200 people overall participated in 75 educational events.

Cross-sectoral, low-threshold and free of charge

Above all, citizens in general as well as employers, employees and trainees of all industries can participate in the project. They get the chance to learn and train on innovative technologies, new business models and flexible forms of work. In addition, Popup Lab BW offers space and time for networking in order to develop new business relationships.
The unique thing about Popup Lab is that it pops up right where the interested people are, especially in the rural regions. Forthermore, it involves the ideas and needs of the participants on the ground. Moreover, it is an economic policy instrument of the state Baden-Württemberg. In other words, it is free of charge for the participant.

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